Statement in relation to the Covid Pandemic

Dear Inspiration Creative members,

We are now back to regular face-to-face workshops, and have anti-bacterial cleaning protocols in place before and after sessions to reduce the spread of germs. We are also maintaining increased ventilation where it is safe to do so.

Although mask wearing is not mandatory we recognise that many of our members will still prefer to wear a mask.

We request that members turn up on time and not early in order to reduce the amount of people waiting in an area unnecessarily. Parents and carers will wait outside to collect their family members.

We will inform members and volunteers if there is a confirmed Covid-19 case within any of the groups.

We encourage our members and volunteers to do regular lateral flow tests (these can be obtained from your local pharmacist).

Here is a link to the government website for more information on coronavirus.

If you have any queries then please do contact us.

Many thanks.