Below you will find several stories about the impact Inspiration Creative has had on people involved!

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Sue Emm – February 2019

Inspiration Creative – Impact on my life, teaching & writing.

I am one of those people who might be described as a “late bloomer” and by late, I mean, in my early 60s. When I was close to my 60th birthday, after years working mainly in a string of admin roles, I decided to commit my time to training as an adult education tutor, teaching Everyday English to diverse groups of people. I was excited and terrified in equal measures. I am fortunate and continue to be, that talented, experienced, supportive tutors and managers nurtured me along the path, but there is also another strong influence in my life that I want to give credit to.
In November 2016, a chirpy bundle of enthusiasm in the form of Zoe Hammond, Director of Inspiration Creative, joined one of my classes as a BSL signer and Teaching Assistant to provide learning support to deaf learners accessing classes at KAE Skills. This serendipitous meeting has turned out to be one of the most richly rewarding associations of my life.
Zoe invited me along to observe the Adult Inclusive Drama Group so that I could pick up some ideas to enrich my lessons, improve my communication skills with diverse groups and consider using drama activities in my lessons. I had intended to be a visitor only, but I was so enchanted and impressed by the warm welcome and the uplifting experience, that I enrolled and immersed myself in its activities.
Unless you have seen or participated in a performance, group or activity with Inspiration Creative, whenever I describe this group and all they manage to deliver, I feel that I am under-selling their impact on my own life, the members of their company and their role within the community of Thanet. Inclusion in community & educational activities can be just another buzz-word on a flyer or organisational website, but if you want to see it in action and experience it, I am convinced you will be transformed by it and understand why I consider Inspiration Creative to be an organisation who live, breathe and practise inclusion. Everyone, regardless of background, fears, skillset, barrier, with or without disability is given an opportunity to participate and support each other.
And so, it came to pass, that Sue Emm, once shy and retiring, performed on a stage as part of the Adult Drama Group in a play written by the group, called The Memory Box. She also sang and signed in a Sign & Sing competition as part of the Sign & Sing Choir and is currently learning BSL.
The impact of working with an inclusive performance & arts organisation has built my confidence as an adult education tutor and inspired me to begin new creative writing projects of my own and encouraged me to learn BSL.
An enormous thank you to Inspiration Creative – you will always have a special place in my heart and continue to influence the way that I teach, write and communicate…
I could say more, but I would rather you [viewed the website], attended a performance or joined a class or activity. You won’t look back. I never will.
Spread the word.
This is what the world should look like.

Jason Hodgson

I am very proud to be a part of the Inspiration history. Without Inspiration, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to pursue a career in [music] composition. My first ever premiere of a piece was on this stage in Inspiration’s production of ‘Dracula’ when I played, as the character Renfield my first composition ‘The Star of Death’, and Charlie Hembrow as Dracula, performed an interpretive dance. The following year, I composed a piece specifically designed for Nicholas Nickleby call ‘An Ode to Death as Life Goes On’, a piece that honours and mourns the death of one of the characters, Smike.

Inspiration has inspired me to push the boundaries of what artistic expression means. It is directly because of being around people with different and varying abilities that I aspire for the music I make and the performances I present to be open, free, and accessible to all.

Being a part of this fantastic company has definitely given me an open eyed perspective on the world, and has been the inspiration that has kept me going today.

So now, while I’m here on this stage, I remember all the fantastic times I’ve had with everyone. I’ve missed being a part of Inspiration. I talk about it to everyone. I think everyone should come and see a show put on by inspiration to see the joy on people’s faces as they entertain you.

Thank you Inspiration!

Sian Turner - 2017

I have been at inspiration for 10 years, I was approximately this high and I was a dancer. I would never thought I would speak on a stage, never sing on a stage. I have been in every performance they have put on. I remember my mum asking me one day “my friend from work is starting a theatre company, would you like to go?” and the persuading argument to me was Zoë’s knees were dodgy too [like mine] and I never thought that this company would be such a huge impact on my life, and the only way I could put my feelings into word was through the pretentious student spoken word route so this is a piece I have written called ‘my life without you’

My life without inclusion wouldn’t be like this.
My life without inclusion would have a thing or two amiss.
I definitely won’t be standing here. Standing on this stage
well I wouldn’t be on any, I wouldn’t be that brave.
I wouldn’t be this confident, I wouldn’t be as kind
Without learning to be aware to keep other people in my mind.
Without inspiration I wouldn’t of gone to university
and I wouldn’t be standing here saying “I have a 1st class honours degree!”
Without inspiration I wouldn’t of found my best friend,
We have been through thick and thin together
but we have come out stronger and to me that’s a win,
Without inspiration I wouldn’t feel this safe
I wouldn’t be ok to make this many mistakes
Inspiration has taught me ‘nothing ever is wrong’
As long as we can impact the whole world to help them get along.
Without the love of inspiration and the leaders who are completely nuts
(they always call me an idiot for thinking an island is only an island if it had cocoanuts!)
So inspiration I thank you for molding me into me
And for being me, the best quirky crazy un-replaceable perfect family



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